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Friday, May 5, 2017

"Are You Stuck On The Reality-Go-Round?" - One Who Believes - 1.11.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Believes at 10:38 AM EST on January 11, 2017

Re-posted (5-5-17) by request of One Who Knows. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Are You Stuck On The Reality-Go-Round?

As I read these posts on our fabulous Dinar Chronicles, I see so many who are so certain of themselves, even going out on a limb saying things that in reality, are total Cabal Mind Programs. I can't be upset at those who feel the need to lash out at Zorra or the Idea of Hollow Earth. Their Cabal Programming is so strong they are unable to break free. It is not their fault. They are just stuck on the "Reality-Go-Round" and can't get off.

We Humans are built with a "Reality Stabilizer" that keeps our experience even-keel and limits big swings in our Reality. It is a simple Programming Loop that feeds itself "Realistic" logic to keep us Believing what we already believe. It is really simple in how it works. Here is an illustration that makes it even easier to see:

You can start on either the left side of Belief or the Right side of Proof. The loop can be started with either the Belief first or the Evidence first. In example, if you start out with a "Belief" first, then you will naturally, and automatically notice Evidence and Proof that supports your belief. "Believing is Becoming Seeing." That is the Law of attraction in action. However, if you start with the Evidence First, then you will naturally believe it. "Seeing is Becoming Believing." So in the end, you are stuck (Or stable) in an endless loop of believing, and then seeing, and then seeing becomes believing.

Inclusion Means Exclusion

Importantly, whenever you have "Inclusion" it automatically Means "Exclusion" of everything else. The Mind uses a short cut system to streamline experience. If you believe one thing, you don’t notice anything that is opposed to your belief, and if you are somehow exposed to it, you either ignore it or dismiss it out of hand since, clearly it is not true. (Not a Match to your current beliefs)

Your mind is NOT going to consider every single thing that comes in your awareness continually challenging your beliefs to prove themselves. Instead, it is just blocked from awareness, or in case of awareness, just blocked outright from consideration.

It may seem that I am against this Mind Management system, but, to the contrary, I find it to be one of your most valuable functions for a stable, consistent, life. You must decide what you believe and exclude the rest automatically. After all, reality is designed to show you evidence to confirm what you believe, and hide evidence that is contrary to what you believe. This is a good function.

When The System Doesn't Serve you

This endless Loop program is a good thing if you were FIRST given REAL Evidence and Proof, or Were FIRST given a Belief in something that Was REALLY TRUE. It shows you all the evidence and experience that is congruent with your beliefs and hides that which conflicts with them.

If on the other hand, you are taught something that was a lie and untrue, then, you will see everything that supports your false belief and be automatically unaware of anything else that is contrary to it. In this case, this system literally blinds you from the truth while perpetrating the lie as truth, since it was the FIRST point of view that you learned.

This is why first impressions, first lessons, first points of view, and first beliefs are so hard to change. Once they are set, you can only see reality from that perspective. It is the job of the Universe and your Reality to keep your beliefs supported and to deny all the rest. Once you have an opinion or a belief, you will always see it that way unless something extraordinary happens to change it, and it seldom ever does.

The First Belief Is "King Of The Mountain"

When you have no Belief on the matter one way or the other, you are open minded about it and perfectly positioned to consider information both for and against the "New" idea. However, once a Belief has established itself, it becomes "King of The Mountain" and will fight off any opposing information. Importantly, it "Actively" sabotages, ignores, and stays unaware of the other possibilities that oppose it. The First Belief protects itself and its position.

That is the nature of the Reality-Go-Round, as the established Belief only shows you evidence that proves and supports itself, and the Evidence you then see, makes you have confidence in your established belief even more. Your Established Belief becomes stable, whether it is true or not. This is why it is important to get it right the first time, or else it is very hard to change latter. In short, it is easier to set a new Belief, than it is to change an established belief. In short, between being only aware of what supports your belief and becoming totally unaware and rejecting all else, your current, established Belief will remain "King of The Mountain" until you DECIDE to Make a Change.

The Cabal School System

This is why CABAL school is mandatory for all children. They have to teach your children their version of history, FIRST, their version of science, FIRST, their version of how society works or should work, FIRST. Then if anybody else has a contrary opinion, it is automatically rejected before it is even considered. It is a great, or should I say EVIL plan to control the minds of children starting at a very young age. They have special books and classes that MUST be taught to everyone. Once the unknowing children learn the Cabal Lies, they will automatically defend this information as their "Truths" for the rest of their lives on their own "Reality-Go-Round." They will NEVER get off the Reality-Go-Round because the TV Shows and News, Movies, Music and all else is designed to validate this Cabal Programming for life. What is one to do about this? The answer is Faith.

The Faith Door

There is only one way to change the "Reality-Go-Round" Programming, and that is to use the Faith Door Option. People think of Faith as being some religious function, but it is not. It actually has nothing to do with Religion, but religion does use it. When you use the Faith Door Option, you can alter ANY "Reality-Go-Round" no matter how long it has been operating. Once you see how easy it is to use, you will also realize its power to break up Fraudulent "Reality-Go-Rounds" quickly and easily.

This illustration shows how Faith "Acts" like a Belief, allowing (Permitting) new and different evidence, information, and proof to be elicited into view for your consideration. It starts with Faith that something is true or possible. Now from that place you are actually looking for evidence and proof about it, and as a natural outcome of the Law of Attraction, you start noticing more and more evidence and proof that your Faith was warranted. After a time of growing evidence and proof, you reach Belief in the new and different idea. Now you have a full fledged Reality-Go-Round just like before, but it has been adjusted (Shifted) to a new belief/evidence setting that you deliberately chose by Faith.

Faith Means: "Belief First"

Faith is just Belief Before Evidence and Proof. This may seem small, but it is actually HUGE! Remember up above where it says "Inclusion Means Exclusion?" This means that everything that matches Belief gets seen (Permitted to be seen and actually sought out) and considered and all else gets excluded and hidden from awareness. So, when you have "Belief" in something you get to see all the evidence you want, that proves it is true, and all else is not noticed or just ignored.

Normally, you believe something because, you have some sort of evidence or proof it is true, even if it is just what your science teacher told you or what your parents told you. BUT, when you decide to have Faith in some point of view, you have just given your Reality, the Universe, and your Mind, "PERMISSION and AUTHORIZATION" to start noticing that which supports this newly forming Belief (Still just faith right now), while at the same time begin to ignore, and discount everything else.

The Law Of Attraction

Do I even have to say that once you allow yourself to believe something (Faith for now), you begin to attract evidence and proof that it is true, and before you know it, your Faith, becomes FULL-BLOWN Belief! As a "Belief" (Now), it begins to elicit the evidence that it is true and in true "Reality-Go-Round" fashion, it makes you believe it even more, which makes you see even more evidence. On and on...

Faith vs. Being Open Minded

Faith means that you are seeking to Change your Beliefs. Therefore use Faith for EVERYTHING you WANT TO BELIEVE because it will lead to evidence supporting the new Idea/Belief. In example, if you like the Idea of a "Hollow Earth" full of life and other wonders, then Have Faith that it is true and exists. That will lead to everything you need and want to know to prove it is in fact Real.

Being Open Minded, doesn't seek to change beliefs, but instead just gives your mind permission to consider and become aware of opposing information that it would have normally rejected automatically. This way you begin to collect evidence supporting the new Idea, or you do not. But importantly, you are giving the new idea a fair chance to show and prove itself. Otherwise, without considering or even being aware of the opposing information, you would not be able to say for sure, legitimately, whether it is actually true and valid or not.

You Don't Know What You Don’t Know

It is so easy to think that you know everything. But, quickly name three things you don't know? Yes, that is a trick question because by definition, you don’t know what you don’t know. How much important information are you missing? Importantly, if your beliefs don’t support that information, you are not allowed to see that information. It is a natural function of the "Reality-Go-Round," to block from notice and consideration contrary evidence and opinions, which acts as a Reality stabilizer for you. Your Reality stays just the same with the same beliefs, and the same evidence. Frankly what you know is a tiny Sub-Set of all there is to know. But that is perfect in design and function because that is all you need to know... Unless you want to alter your awareness to what is different than what you believe now.

The Shift

Using Faith, You can effectively Shift the "Reality-Go-Round" to a different Belief/Evidence "Setting." It will now be completely stable at the new setting unless you again decide to have Faith that it should be set differently. Faith is the only way you can adjust these very stable reality functions. They are designed to stay where they are for life with very little change if any. If you want to shift your beliefs on any given subject, you have to start by having faith in the new idea. That, as we mentioned above, gives your Reality, Mind and Universe permission and authorization to change what you notice and don't notice. THE UNIVERSE WILL ALWAYS (In All Ways) SUPPORT YOUR BELIEFS NO MATTER IF THEY ARE TRUE OR NOT. Faith is the "Shifter" of your Reality and as such is a very important tool you should rely on when a shift (Change) is needed.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that you will never change your mind (Beliefs) until you decide to have Faith in another Idea instead. If you decide not to have Faith in the new idea, you will be stuck (Stable) in your current Beliefs as they are, no matter if they are true or not. Only you can decide to alter them, and only you have the right and ability to do so.

It is not my place or my desire to change anyone's Beliefs against their free will. If my information resonates with you, then it is for you, if not, then please ignore it, as that is what your programming is demanding of you anyway. Most everything I am posting will be proved with crystal clear evidence and proof later. The only question is who is ahead of the game and who is still stuck on the continual Cabal Programming loop.

For those who don't believe the amazing information I am sharing with you, you MUST, or should I say WILL, reject it. Frankly you have no choice and I completely understand. So don’t bother to complain or criticize these posts as it only reveals your current programming and clear decision NOT believe anything different.

My posts are for those who have decided to have Faith in a new Benevolent World in which the Universe is far more amazing than we were ever taught or allowed to know. Allow Your Faith to open the doors to more evidence proving what was once unbelievable, can now become believable, when your mind is open to it.

May We All Have Faith In The Benevolent Plan For A World Of Peace and Prosperity

Signed: One Who Believes



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