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Restored Republic via a GCR: Summary of the Week, March 18

Restored Republic via a GCR Summary of Week Ending March 18 Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecover...

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Summary of the Week, March 18

Restored Republic via a GCR Summary of Week Ending March 18

Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com; Author, “Twenty Two Faces,” www.22faces.com, Before It’s News stories on the Cabal: http://beforeitsnews.com/contributor/pages/243/590/stories.html

Summary of last week:

1. Fri. March 16 All banks across the globe were now connected and Exchange personnel were told to report to their respective Redemption Centers.

2. Bruce, Tony, Operation Disclosure: The RV Window would be open from Sat. March 17 to Mon. March 26.

3. Dr Clarke: All Iraqi people were to be paid first, then everyone else.

4. TNT: Sat. March 17 Iraqi TV was broadcasting payments for citizens in large volumes.

5. Tues. March 20: Deadline for countries to receive their repatriated gold.

6. Zap: Our funds will finally be released this coming Tues. March 20.

7. Tues. March 20 Wells Fargo employees were scheduled for meetings after work.

8. TNT: Wed. March 21 was determined to be a Iraqi holiday and all Iraqis were told they would have payments prior to or by this date

9. Wed. March 21: Iraqi Budget with the new Dinar Rate goes into effect; the new Iraqi denoms would be out and if Banks were not ready to go by March 21, they would be left out of the GCR.

10. Sat. March 24: The Stock Market would begin to crash as designed.

11. Sun. March 25: The new Dinar Rate would be published.

12. Mon. March 26: China would release it’s Yuan as a gold/asset-backed reserve currency and the new US Treasury Note would be announced as gold/asset-backed during this final day of the RV Window.

March 18 2018 9:06 am EST, Rates are Populating on Bank Screens, RayRen98: "Rates are Populating!" - Intel from TNT RayRen98 3-18-18

I’m getting reports that rates are populating on bank screens:

Dinar: $3.71 (Contract Rates for Dinar: $28.50)
Dong: $.47
Rupiah: $1.08
Zim: $.10

Judy Note: Tony claimed that 6 zeros would be taken off Zim note with a limit of up to 100T redeemed at your appointment. You would be able to redeem the rest that you have later and the Zim could go up in value to $.16 cents. Bruce claimed that no zeros would be taken off the Zim note used for Humanitarian Projects & you could request Contract Rates to meet the amount you need to do your project. It was yet to be determined if the 80% for Humanitarian, 20% for yourself rule applied. We won’t know the final details until we are sitting at our appointments.

"Window of Opportunity" by Hope For All - 3.18.18

Entry Submitted by Hope For All at 11:24 AM EDT on March 18, 2018

I have not posted in awhile. I just wanted to update you guys and gals. One thing I wanted to let you know is that I do not know one person who has gotten liquid money. Yes, they have been paid into accounts but no one can spend it yet. So, what good does that do ya? If you hear otherwise it is probably not true. Does this mean it is not real? No, it just means something needs to be done to let all this money loose for humanity.

There is a "window of opportunity" between now and the middle of April. There are a lot of factors that affect this. Just sit back as watch to see if things are done in order to release this.

I still do not hear of a what you would refer to as "public payout." I am not sure if that is true because I keep reading on here that there will be. I hear from all over but no one says there will be one for the public. I do hear of 800 numbers and banks are receiving notices. The 800 numbers will cover you folks, so do not worry about there being a public rv. You will get an 800 number and you will probably be paid. I think the 800 number is for those of you who are still waiting with currency in hand. I do know they want to get as many people as possible without a riot. It will be the most organized way. Again, do not quit your day jobs. Who knows how long this could drag out or if they change it last minute. I hope each of you know this by now.

I have been listening to some of the intel that speaks about med beds, aliens stuff and etc. I do believe in the medical technology and I do believe we have "alien beings" who control our planet. The bible speaks of this. It also speaks about the New Earth and people inhabiting it. You have to be careful because some people will mislead. All the real cures and gifts will be from God when this happens. This will not be given by some alien. If an alien gives it, it will be with strings attached and not permanent. It will be a distraction from what is really going on. Men nor aliens can give us everlasting life, only God can. Sure we can get cured of diseases, have prosperity, end poverty and many other wonderful things. We can't though end death, sorrow, pain, suffering, crime, injustice, imperfection and the list goes not. So, pick your bibles up and read what God promises and not what some man says they may do. If it contradicts the bible and deals with unknown entities that come from different realms, you may want to think twice before getting wrapped up in that. Remember satan transforms himself into an angel of light. There is a New Age teaching out there that will confuse and many will follow.

There are a lot of Christians who are involved in this and their agendas are much different. I personally choose to stand with God and Jesus and his plan. I think we will probably get paid. When is the question. What will do with it? I am not sure how long we will have it before the "end of this system comes." There will be signs and wonders in the heavens according to the scriptures. We will see an end to false religion, corrupt political entities, wicked spirits will be confined, wicked people will perish, there will be a New Earth and a New Heavens. The bible has spoken of this for 1000's of years. It is nothing new. Satan will spin to mislead many. Whatever happens I plan to stick with the bible that is tried, trusted and true no matter what someone says to discredit it. Will you? That is the most important thing going on right now, not whether or not we get paid.

Hope For All

"It’s my Birthday!... and..." by Michael Murdock - 3.18.18

Entry Submitted by Michael Murdock at 10:37 AM EDT on March 18, 2018

My WISH is for you!

I’ve been alive for 20,818.82 days and today i get my


Normally I would wish for myself, but today I have the choice to wish for you!

My wishes for today include, that every guru who has predicted that the RV will never happen, is wrong.

That every guru who says that NESARA & GESARA have to take place before the RV happens is wrong!

That every guru who says that President Trump has to resign before the RV will take place, is wrong!

That every guru who says this him will revalue to 125,000 per US dollar, is right!

To every guru who claims that the RV will take place this month, is right!

And that all of the Abundance, peace, joy, love, understanding, insight, compassion in the universe flow to each and every one of you this day.

After all of these things take place, should there be anything left over, that the universe remembers my wish and sends something my way so I can sit, smile, and reflect that my wishes this day, my 57th birthday changed the entire world in an amazing way and made each of you incredibly happy.

God bless you all!

Much love️ & peace to you.

Michael Murdock, US Navy Veteran, homeless
Thanks for your kindness & allowing me to pray for you.

"What is About to be Said" - Sat. PM KTFA Thoughts, News, Chat w/ Frank26


Tommy17 » March 18th, 2018

Thanks WS for the article. I find it interesting warka offering 1share of warka stock for 1 iqd. Wow

Imwright1 » March 18th, 2018

That's 1 to 1

Walkingstick » March 18th, 2018

To our esteemed and distinguished Warka clients,


Warka Bank for Investment and Finance is delighted to inform its fine clients that the distinguished Central Bank of Iraq has approved that our clients participate in the upcoming capital increase. Warka clients are now permitted to purchase Warka stock from the funds depoisted in their bank accounts participating in the capital increase in accordance with clause 56 no. 4 of the Iraqi Company Registration Law the adjusted law no. 21 for the year 1997 .

There are no limitations to the amount of shares purchased where Warka clients are permitted to use their entire deposits to purchase Warka Stock participating in the Capital increase.

Warka clients are kindly requested to submit a signed authorization letter authorizing our bank to withdraw funds from their account to purchase the stock indicating your account number, signature, the funds in IQD to be withdrawn from your account as well as a clear colored copy of your id and passport.

The Warka stock will be purchased at a value of 1 IQD per Warka share and will be registered in the clients 's good name in the ISX depository system where the stock will re-trade regularly back in the Iraqi Stock Market once the general assembly hearing and capital increase procedures have been completed.

Warka clients wishing to participate in the capital increase are kindly requested to send their authorization letter with the full details indicated above to our brokerage office 3044@warka-bank-iq.com within two weeks from posting this notice.

Wishing all our Warka clients prosperity and growth true success and much fortune


Warka Bank for Investment and Finance


Hopeful322: Didn't Turkey drop 6 0's ???

Walkingstick: Redenomination...

MSG: Agreed. Many countries have redenominated in the past, and I can't for the life of me believe that Iraq will be different. Thank you for your insights..

Walkingstick: Exactly....Seems, we still have confusion regarding the redenomination process .... Example....Romania, too.. redenominated in 2005... 1, of their factors... wanting a currency that would be respected/ taken seriously prior to joining the EU in 2007

Realtormc: Please no talk of LOP on F26 the forum. look at wikipedia read farther on the value was increased several times by "RV"

Walkingstick: A New Turkish Lira was worth roughly 1.8 to the Euro, after the fact... eventually settling

Frank26: SIR ...(Walkingstick) ....... TOMORROW SHOULD BE AN INTERESTING DAY ............ LETS SEE WHAT THEY SAY.

Would you like to know now, or wait until tomorrow.... Seriously, we should be a couple of things in print in the next day or two...

Frank26: REALLY ??? !!! ................. NOW HOW THE $#@@ AM I SUPPOSE TO GO TO SLEEP NOW ??? !!!


BUT .................. DUE TO THE FACT THAT .......... WE HAVE WON............... I'LL WAIT THE NEXT FEW HOURS TO COME.



Dew7: Seriously? How can you wait? My stomach is in an excited KNOT...
In all seriousness thank you WS for everything past, present, and future... what a force of strength you have been for KTFA

Frank26: BECAUSE I KNOW ........ IMO......... WHAT IS ABOUT TO BE SAID...(wink) ..... WS TALKS TO YOU ........... FOR A REASON. ALOHA DREAMS KONA \M/... NITE ​


Don961 » March 18th, 2018

15 × 15 Developmental model

Author: Yasser Metwally

18/3/2018 12:00 am

I drew attention to an economic report on Turkey's experience in developing its capabilities and building a solid economy over a period of 15 years after being embroiled in economic crises and burdened with debt, but later became one of the world's strongest economies.

Since 2002-2015, Turkey has moved from 117th in the world to 18th in the ranking of countries' economies. The annual per capita income rose from $ 3,300 to $ 10,800.

The question is: How did Turkey achieve this growth and these mutations? The answer is that, as stated in the report, it abolished 6 zeros that filled the interfaces of its currency and its gross domestic product rose from 230 to 840 billion dollars and was able to repay all its debts to the International Monetary Fund in 2013, thus bringing the page 52 years of external borrowing.

The tourism industry, which has paid special attention to it, said it ranked as the sixth country in the world to attract tourists, with only 109 million people in Istanbul.

In the field of transport, the number of internal airports, including 55 airports, one of them above sea level, as well as thousands of kilometers of rail lines and metro networks and the construction of bridges and tunnels in the bottom of the sea through which to connect the two continents of Asia in Europe.

In the field of education compulsory education was imposed until the completion of general secondary school, while the number of universities to 186 universities, except for the tremendous development in the industry sector.

The bottom line is that the infrastructure projects have paid great attention to achieving an advantage for their rising output. The language of figures is important here to compare it to what has been achieved in Iraq after 15 years of change, but given the circumstances, challenges, size of the population and area of ​​the two countries.

This experience and other international and regional experiences are marketed to the necessity of using them to the extent that it achieves the growth of our economy and not necessarily the application of a replica, but we summarize its content, its implications and its results as long as we are about to rebuild the country and a future development revolution.
Now the starting points are available.

The international movement towards Iraq is clear and we talked about it in previous columns, so what is required to take the time to reach advanced growth rates to catch up with global development? This question is before the experts of finance and economy, economic policy makers and decision-makers, hoping that the beginnings are based on the selection of projects capable of promoting the economy and growth of the country and the choice of income-generating, or otherwise can not wait for another 15 years link

Walkingstick » March 18th, 2018

Thanks Don... good read

Frank26 » March 18th, 2018


Don961 » March 18th, 2018

Iran .... Sunday, March 18, 2018

Forex Deposit Rules Updated

The latest update of regulations concerning foreign currency deposits in banks has been released by the Central Bank of Iran, according to which banks are required to return the original amount of the deposit plus its interest in hard currency to the customer upon demand.

The bank emphasizes that if the customer had made his or her deposit in a foreign currency, the bank is obliged to pay the deposit and/or its interest in the same currency.

The announcement would remove fears by some customers that if they deposited in a hard currency in a bank or financial institutions, at the time of withdrawal, the bank would offer them the equivalent in rial.

As the Iranian currency is prone to fluctuations, investors are wary of parking their foreign currency in banks, fearing they would lose their money.

Another reason hard currency deposits in banks was the country's multiple exchange rate system whereby banks choose to convert hard currencies at lower rates.


(Courtesy of Dinar Recaps)

The Creator via Jennifer Farley: Listen to your Gut

Listen To Your Gut

MARCH 18, 2018

Another gentle reminder; it is very important to remember that your thoughts and feelings play a very important part in your time on your Earth plane. With that being said, an almost infinite amount of information at your fingertips and you can study the ongoing shift from many different perspectives. Each will have their own take on what is going on…whether it be positive, negative or somewhere in between. You are being invited to view each with your heart and a discerning eye. If you feel what you are reading is fear-based, move on to another course of study. If what you are reading resonates with you, then stick with it. If Unconditional Love is a main part of your ‘operating system’, your gut will always guide you to what is best for you. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, ThetaHealing Instructor/Practitioner

Source: The Creator Writings

Matthew Ward via Suzy: The Event, Soul Search, Geopolitics

Matthew Ward: Soul Search

Channel: Suzy Ward

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew.

Let us begin by allaying concerns that your world is going to run out of drinking water. The Illuminati’s use of weather technology to create areas of drought—one part of their now-doomed plan to eliminate most of the world’s population—was intended to cause millions to die of thirst. That will not happen.

Weather manipulation, which also is responsible for the wild storms and record temperatures that have delayed Mother Nature’s return to a moderate climate globally, is going to meet its end along with all of the Illuminati’s other diabolical activities.

Dear ones, feel heartened by the progress of grassroots movements in many aspects of life on Earth and by knowing that technologies the Illuminati have kept hidden or maliciously used will be coming into benevolent hands to use openly without recrimination.

And, when it is safe for members of our space family to join you, they will introduce technology whose vibrations will turn vast deserts into arable lands, restore rain forests, eradicate toxic pollutants in air, water and soil, and heal extensive damage caused by extraction of fossil fuels. Gaia’s planetary body that once was the Garden of Eden shall again be a healthy, pristine paradise.

“Apparently the North and South Korean Olympic team was Kim Jong Un’s way to publicly announce his interest in talking with Moon Jae-in about reunification. With China and the USA involved, what do you see coming out of the 4-country meeting?” That Kim Jong Un wants to discuss reunification with South Korea is easing the tension that had been building, but several details about this encouraging development are yet to seen.

Will the presidents of South Korea, China and the United States agree on what to demand of North Korea? What will the countries offer in return? Once there is agreement on those issues, who will present the proposal to Kim Jong Un? Will he accept or reject the proffered terms? If the latter, will a series of negotiations achieve a satisfactory compromise? Regardless of what transpires in the very near term, prevailing vibrations support reunification of the two Koreas and the eventual agreement of all nations with nuclear weaponry to eliminate their arsenals.

What we shall say about the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, will be clear without including your questions and comments. This was not a matter of soul contract choices for any whose lives were lost, their families or others who love them. In a mass shooting some years ago, everyone who was directly affected had agreed to that experience to effect change that would prevent another incident of that kind anywhere in the country; since then, no collective soul agreements have been part of any mass shootings.

Of course you want your children to be safe in school, but arming and training teachers or other school personnel will not achieve that. Pointing to mental illness as the cause of mass shootings while ignoring the legal proliferation of the kinds of weapons the shooters use guarantees that those incidents will not end.

We are going to digress a moment to give you pertinent background information. The Illuminati, and before them other puppets of the dark forces, have been in the forefront of producing weapons, ammunitions and all other machinery of war from the outset. To assure a continuing market down through the centuries, they indoctrinated the civilization to believe that the way to peace is through war and following orders to fight for freedom is patriotic.

And, after taking steps to insure the outbreak of civil, international or worldwide wars, they sold arms to both sides. Wars have enriched their manufacturing companies, served their plan to eliminate many millions of the world’s people, and created the low vibrations of fear and violence that the dark ones need for survival.

After the colonies united and fought the British to gain independence from royal empirical rule, the leaders who emerged wrote a constitution to which amendments were added over the years. The Illuminati saw an opportunity and seized it—they distorted the intention of the second amendment, whose “well regulated militia” was about the nascent United States having a defense force to protect its newly won independence if the need arose.

Lest the citizenry start asking, “How well regulated is our civilian population armed with weapons made for warfare?” the Illuminati formed the NRA, sprinkled their minions throughout the organization, and had lobbyists donate handsomely to politicians who cite the Second Amendment as the legal right of the populace to buy weaponry designed for today’s battlefields.

Now then, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students who are advocating changes in gun laws are not doing so under the auspices of any liberal organization or because of pressure from any government agency “so they can take away guns from law-abiding citizens.” Nor was the shooting a “psy-op.”

Construing that tragedy and others like it as hired actors staging the occurrence for the same aim—confiscation of weapons—is another page out of the Illuminati’s mass-mind programming handbook. It is lamentable, but explainable, that their influence in this respect still is strong—vibrations that are separating wheat from chaff, in a manner of speaking, are bringing to light the wound made by darkness in the national psyche so it can be healed.

We wholeheartedly support the students in Parkland and all who have joined them in a national safety movement that their government cannot keep on discounting. Sensible measures that will be firmly opposed by politicians beholden to the NRA before enactment by public demand will precede the country’s pervasive “gun culture” fading into history. But most assuredly that is coming because the planet is moving toward energy planes where no kind of violence can exist.

A number of you have asked what “The Event” is and when it will happen, and one reader added, “Apparently it also is known as the ‘Cosmic-Galactic Dance.’” While we do recognize that this is related to planetary and personal Ascension, therefore is based in the power of love, we don’t know to what single event the sources of that information are referring. So we shall tell you what we have been observing of your world’s events, which are numberless and, like everything else in existence, are energy vibrating at one frequency or another, and the reactions of the peoples.

As the light on Earth kept intensifying, events like the Harmonic Convergence stirred many individuals to “soul search” and start on a pathway to advance in spiritual and conscious awareness. Some continued on that path without deviating regardless of what events they encountered. Others who also started with gusto veered off course due to some event, and after a subsequent event or two returned them to the path, where they continued their journey until some new event led them into another detour; later they experienced an event that put them back on the path, and so on. We have seen individuals who, until they entered Nirvana, were consciously unaware that simply by living in godly ways, they had traveled a growth pathway lifelong. We have seen individuals choose the lure of darkness and the masses too burdened with bare subsistence to even wonder if there might be a lighted pathway.

Every soul’s reaction to the countless events that affected their lives has been as unique as each of them is. In that sense, life during this unprecedented time on Earth can be thought of as a cosmic-galactic dance that everyone attends, a dance that is speeding up markedly and will continue until all of society is One and the grandeurs of the Golden Age can unfold.

Now, just as all along, we see souls on the lighted pathway moving toward that Age, each at its own pace. What we do not see is “dancers” in the forefront at a standstill, awaiting the rest to catch up so the civilization can experience some event en masse. Please understand that our perspective in no way diminishes the validity of others’ perspectives that also are leading to the era when all darkness is vanquished and light prevails throughout your world.

“Please ask Matthew about the “incontrovertible evidence’ that Russia tried to influence the US presidential election. His previous messages stated otherwise.” The evidence that Russian “trolls” on social media could have influenced voters is authentic, but—and by no means in its defense—that had nothing at all to do with the election outcome. As stated in previous messages, that was due to a technical error made by Illuminati minions after they successfully rigged Democratic primaries.

The powerful few at the peak of that secret society, or cabal, have been able to keep the truth suppressed, thereby giving the government basis to clamor about Russia’s meddling in the country’s electoral process. But the objection rings hollow. The United States, the most Illuminati-controlled of all democratic nations, historically has been self-serving in maneuvering elections in numerous countries and putting or supporting despotic rulers in others. One reason, beloved brothers and sisters, that you volunteered for this Earth lifetime was to help the peoples expose and rid their governments of the ages-old corruption that still is being bought and paid for by dark minds and hearts.

“With our young people’s addiction to social media via their cellphones, we won’t have a brighter future to look forward to because the people who are supposed to create a better world can’t get their eyes off their phones. Is there any hope in sight?” Absolutely hope is in sight! A great number of young people came in with fourth-density spiritual and conscious awareness. They are intelligent, articulate, empathic visionaries with the wisdom to heed their intuition, and in large part, they are using the speed and breadth of social media to further their desire to create a better world.

Cellphone use by many other youths—and adults—is less constructive, to be sure. But as rising vibrations uplift all facets of life, the society will recognize the emotional shallowness of using social media to disseminate or read trivia, propaganda and vitriol, and cellphones will cease to be electronic appendages. More than any other time in Earth’s recorded history, the future is bright because today’s youth, tomorrow’s leaders, will make it so!

With good reason vibrations are central to all issues addressed in this message. When you think about property, “location, location, location” is of utmost importance. Earth is immeasurably more valuable than any piece of her property and to her, vibrations, vibrations, vibrations” are of utmost importance. Dear family, your steadfastness in the light is helping Earth’s vibratory levels keep rising, and this goes far, far beyond uplifting your world. Everything everywhere affects everything else everywhere else—vibrations on Earth go out into your solar system, into the galaxy and on into the universe.

All lighted souls honor and support you with unconditional love, the highest vibration in the cosmos.

Source: Era of Light

Abraham-Hicks Daily Quote for March 18, 2018

You will notice that those who speak most of prosperity, have it. Those who speak most of health, have it. Those who speak most of sickness, have it. Those who speak most of poverty, have it. It is Law. It can be no other way… The way you feel is your point of attraction, and so, the Law of Attraction is most understood when you see yourself as a magnet getting more and more of the way you feel. When you feel lonely, you attract more loneliness. When you feel poor, you attract more poverty. When you feel sick, you attract more sickness. When you feel unhappy, you attract more unhappiness. When you feel healthy and vital and alive and prosperous—you attract more of all of those things.

Excerpted from The Law of Attraction, The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham on 7/1/06

Our Love
Esther (Abraham and Jerry)


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