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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Jan. 21, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Jan. 21 2018 Compiled 1:00 am EDT 21 Jan. 2018 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse...

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Website Update - 3 Important Posts this Morning

Dear Readers,

Here are 3 important posts this morning as of now, in-case you missed them.

"Intel Black Out" - Intel Update (Real News) by Mr. Ed - 1.21.18

"Kim Possible Cliff Notes, Oh Crap..." by Neo - 1.21.18

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Jan. 21, 2018

Thank you for choosing us.

~ Dinar Chronicles

"Fever Pitch" by Harmony - 1.21.18

Entry Submitted by Harmony at 6:34 PM EST on January 21, 2018

Good morning blessed souls, family and fellow travellers. I bring you all love and blessings from my heart to yours.

We are being very tested at the moment, aren't we? It's getting to reach fever pitch. We were told, and all knew in our hearts, that this is how it would play out. It's not easy and it's not comfortable, but it's right, it's a part of the process. And I sense very strongly that there is more to come yet.

We all have each other to hold on to. We all, each and every one of us, think and see each situation differently. And that's perfect. We might squabble among ourselves from time to time, and while it can tend to bring vibrations down, it's also useful for bringing up and out into the light stuff that we no longer have need for. Again, not always easy, not always comfortable, but an essential part of the process.

Our dear friend Saint Germain has gifted us the use of his violet flame. I'm finding I'm using this more and more these days, and it's so powerful. I'd encourage you to see if it helps you too.

We can all accept that we see things differently to each other without needing to believe that anyone who sees things differently is wrong. Without the need to (11.11 has just popped up on my screen! - sorry, but felt I had to share that with you!) defend our own position so aggressively. Let's all come together, and delight in the amazing variety among us, including what we think, believe and know. Together, our beautiful variety makes up a most brilliant whole!!!

I'm also feeling drawn, at this time, to remind us all (this serves to remind me too), that we are each divine, eternal, sovereign beings. We have come here, at this time, for a purpose, and we have come with our own particular passions, skills and talents, which are to be used in this most important mission we're engaged in right now. Again, they're all so different. We can't all be everything individually, but we are when we come together, each bringing a piece of the jigsaw puzzle.

And we inhabit an infinitely abundant, ever-expanding Universe. Our galaxy, our solar system, and our little planet are all a part of that, and as such, all share this quality of infinite abundance and expansion in all things. Merely by virtue of being here, on this planet, at this time, every single one of us is deserving of an equitable share in this ever expanding abundance. There is no being anywhere on this planet that does not have a right to share in this expression of abundance. Do not let anyone belittle you or your sense of who you are in this Universe, in this story. Not even yourself. We are often our most vociferous critics.

Sit quietly now, close your eyes, and ask the highest expression of yourself to feel its way into this ever expanding abundance of all things. Feel its joyous power. Know its truth and beauty. And return to this space whenever you feel the need.

Of course, abundance of all things means that we also have access to an abundance of whatever might not be in our highest good, or seemingly bring difficult circumstances upon us. So, it's so very important to be consciously aware where we are placing our thoughts, and our desires for abundance. We are manifesting more quickly than ever now, so a wrong turn can quickly be identified, then rectified. Those wrong turns can help us to sharpen our skills, so use them well.

I leave you for now with a little mantra that I was gifted by the highest expression of myself a few years ago, and if it works for you too, please use it. Or your own version. I repeat it several times, and can feel a loving warmth descending upon me. I feel protected and supported by all of Creation, and I can feel my place in all of Creation.

"I am a pure, divine and eternal being of love, light and truth."

Together we can do this, together, in love, we will bring into being our Nova Earth, together we are so very powerful.

Bless you all, and so many very grateful thanks for being on this most epic of journeys together.

Your soul sister,

Harmony xxx

"A Quick Pep Talk for us Clock Watchers" by RT - 1.21.18

Entry Submitted by RT at 5:45 AM EST on January 21, 2018

You should know that the impatience you may display, or see in others waiting to begin the RV is quite possibly symptomatic of a greater and harder impatience to bear that those expressing merely divert to express in this lesser form.

That it is very possible that the reason that the universe or our higherselves has seen fit to put us in a more passive position in this struggle to realize the new world, is because the kind of dilemmas those behind-the-lines face and consider so time consuming are completely redundant to our evolution as we would have seen through them long before now and the world would have, by now, experienced the inevitable - and much desired if those attempting to hold it off had the wisdom to see it - trauma wave that comes from knowing the truth and would have emerged beautifully, being well into its healing and renewal phase and everyone would be in a far happier and stronger position both materially and spiritually.

In other words, the reason you are sitting this one out is because you have already fought these battles successfully and your higherself has nothing to gain putting you thru them again and the real reason you feel impatient is you already know and embody the truths those in the battle lines are still finding out and you can't understand why it is taking them so long as they seem clear as day to you, because of course, they are.

But it is not our timetable, not our show, so we wait.

If you think along these lines you will find both comfort and yet more patience simply because of any resonance of truth the statement may hold.

Clean warriors love transparency and as long as known criminals walk the streets and attend the tv studios anything said by anyone from behind the scenes will inevitably sound like the earnest outpouring of integrity compromised in some way until this is no longer the case.

I am not deliberately trying to be offensive - why would I - but accurately trying to put descriptive form on a very real background feeling that it might help to be brought into our awareness and dealt with consciously.

Intel is great but there is a dynamic involved in the exchange that cannot be shaken off or rationalized away that mustneeds emanate or express as a form of patience from those on the recieving end, and forms the outline of their testing ground.

Hearing about those doing the right thing is good and wonderful and of course always and very much appreciated.

Very naturally we are grateful, everyday, such people exist and work in this way.

But we wait like brothers and sisters in arms for those communicating the intel to turn the corner from being simply people doing the right thing to people who have the courage to be seen doing the right thing and moving the world right along with them.

Then they will see our swords - in the form of cyber activity etc - but not a moment before because that is the way of the clean warrior - not to be drawn into battle or in anyway affected by a voice behind a curtain but to work openly and transparently together in a world unafraid to display and confront its own darkness.

Until then we wait with perfect poise on this side of the action line, knowing you do not stir until the time is right, and then the moment simply claims you, and no thought or prefiguring calculation is required or was ever thought to be necessary - but the choir knows its own song and doesn't need to hear it again.

We have taken the journey and know it ends very well. We must let our brothers and sisters still holding the map take it at their own pace with our best wishes.

Condescending... moi? Maybe... but then again, maybe not - if it serves in some way as a perspective I would allow it to until events make it redundant.



The Creator via Jennifer Farley: The Incredible Journey

The Incredible Journey | The Creator

JAN 20 2018

Take a moment and ponder this; you are all family, connected by your love of each other as Forever Beings. You are kindred spirits sharing an incredible journey you asked to experience.

Today, you are invited to embrace this and move through your existence knowing that each human you come in contact is a true brother or sister. Showing and becoming Unconditional Love is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and others. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

Source: Rainbow Wave of Light

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council: Being of Service to the Collective

Being of Service to the Collective ∞ The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

JAN 21 2018

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

It is a wonderful time for you all to give more of yourselves to the collective energy of humanity. You often think about what you can do to help humanity, how you can better be of service. And oftentimes the actions that you can take seem futile in comparison with the issues that you are facing on your planet. What you can do, instead of taking action, is to give energetically to the collective.

If you want to give joy, for example, you can tap into the energy of the collective of humanity and send a transmission of joy. That simple process can change what someone else is experiencing because you will have shifted the vibration of the overall energy of the human collective consciousness.

Now we know you are wondering how exactly is it possible to tap into the energy of the human collective. The truth is you already are. There is no disconnecting you from the collective, but there is intention. Now there’s nothing wrong with just intending to experience joy for the sake of experiencing joy. You are still affecting the collective when you do so, because you are a part of that collective, and there’s no separation. You’re all connected. We are all connected.

However, if you take a moment to set an intention for the joy that you access to be given to the entirety of the human collective, and to be used for the purpose of giving someone else an opportunity to feel joy, that is an effective way of helping all of humanity. If you want to be of service, this is how you can easily do it. If you don’t know what to do in order to be of service, please take our suggestion and utilize the power of your intention and the truth that you are all connected to help all of humanity.

And of course, in so doing, you are helping yourselves because you are a part of the human collective and because whatever you tap into you will experience directly.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Source: Rainbow Wave of Light

Heavenletters: What Color Do You Choose for Your Day Today?

What Color Do You Choose for Your Day Today? | Heavenletters

JAN 21 2018

Gloria to Mother Divine:

Dear Mother Divine, what would you like to tell me?

Mother Divine:

You arise with the day as a tide reaches the shore. Suddenly, you are there. Awakened by inner or outer, but it is the tide of day that wakes you.

“Arise,” says the day.

Like your dogs who run up the stairs to wake you, the day enters your room and greets you with its newness.

Think of it. Each day a new one. Never one like it before. An original day nuzzling you to get up, come out and play.

The day calls you from the window. “Come play with me.”

And you leap out of bed and run to your caller at the window.

A day is the lake you sail on.

A day is an overture.

A day is a piece of paper ready to be drawn on.

A day is a background. What color would you like your background to be today?



Mother Divine:

You can pick your brush. You can have a little yellow if you like. Some lavender. Paint your day. Other people will come to help you paint your day.

What word will you paint it?



Mother Divine:

Any other?


Magnificent. Miraculous. Easy. Simple. Exquisite. Worthwhile. Fun. Timely!

Mother Divine:

What fruit would you make your day today?


A wonderful huge red papaya.

Mother Divine:

What vegetable?


A nice salad.

Mother Divine:

What bread?


Hearty rye.

Mother Divine:

What dessert?


Pumpkin pie with whipped cream.

Mother Divine:

What beverage?


Sweet lassi.

Mother Divine:

You can have the day you envision. Envision it. Ask for it. Anticipate it. Welcome it. Have a good day!

A Course in Miracles, Lesson 291:
“This is a day of stillness and peace…I do not know the way to You. But You are wholly certain. Father, guide Your Son along the quiet path that leads to You. Let my forgiveness be complete, and let the memory of You return to me.”

Gloria to God:

Dear Father, in talking to Mother Divine, I did not remember to ask for You today, Your peace and Your vision. I asked for little things.


I am in the little things. And I wish you to enjoy. It is in joy that the memory of Me returns to you. Don’t feel remorse or guilt because you conjured a day of joy!

You have much stillness.


Yes, but not a whole lot of peace, inner peace, that is. I should be wishing for that.


You should be wishing for what you wish for. I am not a God of denial. If My child wishes for a party, I do not say My child should be wishing for labor. If My child wants a set of trains, I do not say My child should be wishing for a set of books.

Gloria, you have had many books and much labor. I will for you the joy you will. I insist that you have a joyous day.

A day spent with Me is joyous. It is not a somber sit-in-a-chair sermon day. It is not a dress-up day of new shoes and serious faces.

It is a day of light and joy.

I say to you, Go dance today. Twirl your day. Delight it. Skip to-a-lou this day. If for you to have joy today, it means not thinking of Me, that I rejoice that you not think of Me today.

Not thinking of Me isn’t the same as forgetting Me, Gloria.

You will for all good and peace and harmony. A day of joy for you is not at anyone’s expense. A day of joy for you blesses the day for all.

You have been serious all your life. Time for you to be unserious.

I am not a God of heaviness and duty. I am a God of Light and Joy. You, Gloria, do not skim the surface of life. You write My words and you type them and you send them out. Is that labor for you?


No. I am grateful for the privilege…Well, sometimes the typing gets heavy. From the months at the beginning when I didn’t know to type it and the months of typing that got lost on the computer.


I experience through you. You are My experience. And I would love to experience joy. I urge you to have joy for Me. Consider that your duty. Consider that your obligation. I do not request My children to suffer nor sacrifice. I request that My child make joy and joy and joy.

I have a bad press in some ways, Gloria. It is said that I require penance and pain and boredom and be against the grain.

Once and for all, I am a God of Joy. What benefits the world in suffering? Has it not had enough?

The story of Christ is not in his crucifixion but in his light, his vision, and the love that was his. He reflected Me in his kindness and his healing ways.

It seems to Me that often I am seen as the Crucifier.

Gloria, I am not the Curtailer of Fun but the Encourager of it. I am the Blessor of it. I am the Creator of it.

I am the Synthesizer of it. I am the Peddler of it. I am It.

The closer to joy are you, the closer to Me are you. You want to be closer to Me? Then make more joy.

Throw off that cloak of decorum. Throw off that picture of Me as grimness. See Me as I am, a Joy Maker, the Maker of you.

Serve Me today with joy. That is My request. Serve Me joy today.

Holding on is not joy. Letting go is joy.

Be a messenger of joy for Me. Write joy on hearts, most especially your own. Write joy all over your walls and ceilings and floors. Write it on your hand so you will remember what My Will is.

Whatever you do today, make it enjoyable. Is that a lot for Me to ask? So give Me what I want. Give Me joy today.



Dear Mother Divine, I am so cross and irritable. I don’t what to do. Sunshine and Ginger are driving me crazy. I will never have a dog again unless it is trained. They’re underfoot, demanding, and Ginger’s barking makes me go up the wall. I know it’s me. God willing, Lauren comes back tonight, and that will take some pressure off, but I have to wonder what’s happened to my nerves.

Mother Divine:

They are stretched taut. It is temporary. I have told you that. Let your nerves be shot, and be with God as much as possible so you can be patient and kind.


Mother Divine, I used to be kind, and now I’m so tense.

Mother Divine:

You can be kind and tense, tense and kind. One does not have to remove the other.

It is especially important for you to be kind because, when you are not, it haunts you, is that so?



Mother Divine:

Remember kindness first then. Do your meditation now, and before you do, ask God to calm you and restore your good nature.

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Source: Rainbow Wave of Light

"Intel Black Out" - Intel Update (Real News) by Mr. Ed - 1.21.18

INTEL Update (Real News) via email - "Intel Black Out" 1/21/18

Posted By: Mr.Ed
Date: Sunday, 21-Jan-2018 04:44:44

Just because you can't see what is really happening...doesn't mean that it's not going on behind the scenes.

The Main Stream Media 'Fake News' sure won't tell you about things like 'Gitmo Prison' being filled up with Cabal for 'Military Tribunals'.

They won't tell you about bad guys trying to escape earth and being shot down over Michigan by the Secret Space Program (SSP) Alliance ships.

They won't tell you that 87,000 Pedophiles have been arrested so far.

They won't tell you there are another 45,000 'Arrest Warrants' waiting...plus 10,000 'Sealed Indictments'.

Reports of Nuclear Warhead Missiles in Hawaii & Japan "were real"...and were taken out by Pleiadian craft working with SSP Alliance.

It has been decided that this year (2018) people will be introduced to some extraterrestrials...which will be Pleiadians that closely resemble us.

This Government Shutdown is a distraction while the Military arrest the high profile cabal.

What they don't know is...this shut down is the end for the corporate government and it will never return while all the criminals go to jail now. (the republic will take it's rightful place)

Delays in the RV / GCR are to allow time to make sure it is safe for your money and protect your new accounts.

We are waiting on the United States Treasury to push the button for the RV / GCR to start and it is very close now.

Announcements will be made soon about NESARA / GESARA...the Restored Republic...new gold backed currency...new banking...prosperity and more.

Common Law will be restored when the New Restored Republic is announced to the public. (which is already in place behind the scenes and has been in control for some time)

Trump is not going anywhere...and he will be reelected for a 2nd term. (as he continues to drain the swamp)

Look for new technology to soon appear like 'Med Beds'...'Free Energy Units' and 'Replicators'.

This will be the end for death based hospitals and big pharma pushing poison...as Med Beds will cure all diseases...repair any injury...replace any limb or organ and give you perfect health. (in minutes and free)

This same technology will make you young again to remain that way for the next 1000 years. (so you can spend all that money) :)

A transformational wave of high frequency energy from the galactic central sun (not to be confused with our sun) is to hit us in the next few days...which is said to cause the shift from 3rd to 5th dimension...which has been termed "The Event" by Cobra of the Pleiadian Resistance Movement.

This Event will be nothing to fear at all...but will mark the beginning of the 'Golden Age' of 1000 years of 'Heaven on Earth'.

Soon you will be able to travel the universe and meet other forms of life which is never ending...

Source: Rumor Mill News


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