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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Feb. 21, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Feb. 21 2018 Compiled 12:01 am EDT 21 Feb. 2018 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abus...

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Only Replay 2-20-18

Published on Feb 21, 2018

The Creator via Jennifer Farley: The New Elders

The New Elders | The Creator

FEB 21 2018

Dear one, you have learned many important things over the course of your lifetime. Today, you are invited to step into the past and find that one person, that one game-changer and remember the most beautiful thing they taught you. During the next part of this shift, that particular lesson will be very important to your growth. Whether it be a grandparent, aunt, uncle, family or best friend; embrace the feeling you had when they first brought it to your attention, then share your story! Some of the most profound, wonderful and amazing things can be learned this way and a strong, cohesive bond can be forged by relaying sound, positive, truthful information to others.

It is time…time for you and those around you to step into your new roles; become the elders of tomorrow for a new generation. Revel and take joy in this new ‘homework’ assignment. (Smiling) It may be the most important of your Earth plane existence. ~ Creator

Transcribed by Jennifer Farley, TheraHealing Instructor/Practitioner at The Creator Writings

Source: Rainbow Wave of Light

The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council: Our Journey Together

Our Journey Together ∞ The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

FEB 21 2018

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

It is beautiful to be a part of your evolution in consciousness. We are so excited to participate in this process. You are the ones who are determining how you go about evolving and expanding. We are just here to help. When we send you transmissions, upgrades, and downloads, we are doing so at the behest of your oversouls.

We are working with humanity, but you are doing all of the heavy lifting. And it is the information that you are sending back to your oversouls that is determining what help you get and how it comes. So please do not give us too much credit. We want very much for all of you to awaken within you what you already know.

We are reminding you that you are creator beings, that you are Source Energy, and unconditional love. And it sounds very nice when you hear it from us, but it would be even better for all of you if you could admit to yourselves who you really are at least three times a day. You need constant reminders because of the other messages that are out there in the world, telling you that you are small, fragile, and mortal beings.

What we awaken within you is the knowing of your true nature, and that is why you like us. We enjoy watching all of you because you remind us at times of the journey we have all been on. There is such a deep connection between all of you and all of us in the higher realms, and that is why it serves you very well to feel our presence in your lives, rather than just taking in the information we provide through this particular channel.

We will always be a part of your journey, and you will always be very dear and special as far as we are concerned.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Source: Rainbow Wave of Light

Maria Chambers: A Message for the Advanced Souls

A Message For The Advanced Souls

February 19, 2018

Art by Maria Chambers

While there are many beautiful energies in the world, there are also plenty of horror stories occurring on Planet Earth. You don’t even need to follow the news to tune into that energy.

As long as we are living in duality, we will see behaviors that reflect that polarization to one degree or another. We will see random acts of kindness right along with the most heinous of acts perpetrated toward other humans.

If you are reading this post, and are attracted to this kind of material, you are here to shine a light at a time when it is needed. It doesn’t require you to be an activist, unless that brings you joy. All that is required of you is to be here, on the planet.

You went through a standard human life, actually, many of them, through all the trials and tribulations of being human, in order to be more compassionate, and to understand that there is truly no good or bad, but just soul experience. You have come to understand that the dark is from the light, and needs to be acknowledged.

You came in with a wisdom that most humans are not aware of in themselves yet. You can take the most intelligent person on the planet, the most acclaimed writer, the most accomplished thinker, the most prominent figure on social media, the most celebrated of celebrities, and their consciousness would pale compared to yours.

Art by Maria Chambers

“You came in with a wisdom that most humans are not aware of in themselves yet.”

Many authors have written about psychic phenomena and practice psychic mediumship. Many talk to the dead, and help to comfort the families and friends who have lost loved ones. Many work along side the police to help solve crimes with their gifts. As valuable as that all is, they are not at the level of awareness that you are.

They are generally connecting with souls who are still in the astral planes. It’s why they often have disturbing visions of murders or other lower energy occurrences.

Have you noticed that you are not so attracted to those types of energies at this point? Your frequency is simply too high.

Even someone as celebrated as Oprah Winfrey, who has had people on her shows of prominent spiritual reputation, who is an amazing soul, is not yet ready to embrace the next layer.

No, as someone wise once said, there is never a crowd on the leading edge.

And at this stage of your enlightenment you know it’s not about stroking the ego, and feeling superior because of your position. If anything, you don’t feel worthy of such a position. You may think you need to have some sort of ESP, or be able to teleport yourself or be able to perform other supernatural parlor tricks before you can be considered an advanced soul.

Or you may think you need to resolve all your issues first, your financial, or health or relationship issues. That you need to have all your s**t together first.

Of course that’s your human self and the brain buying into the 3D hype of what it means to be spiritual. It’s certainly not what you expected it to be.

So many going through this awakening process can’t figure out why they are feeling things like anger, or impatience with others, or indifference. They can’t reconcile feeling so close to their soul and at the same time feeling all this sexual and sensual energy. As if the two are diametrically opposed.

Art by Maria Chambers

So, if you read what the most advanced news reporter or social or political analyst has to say about the current affairs on the planet, or read what the most intelligent psychologist has to say about the mass shootings, about how such behavior originated in the perpetrator. If you follow the most advanced women in feminism, and hear what they are saying about the toxic patriarchy, they all are correct.

From a limited 3D perspective, they have a very good handle on things. They understand probably more than most what is happening in our world.

But, even they are not yet understanding the broader perspective. They are fulfilling their souls’ roles in their way, which is a beautiful and deeply appreciated way. And they are helping to advance the planet.

They are where they are.

And we are where we are. We can understand things from the broader perspective now because we have moved out of the 3D world.

We can understand that everything that is going on in the world is just humanity playing our the galactic story, the dark vs. the light, the masculine vs. the feminine, all in the name of trying to resolve these conflicts that were born from the original separation from Source.

The original intent to serve ALL THAT IS by becoming sovereign beings.

So the planet is pretty much in an amnesiatic state. They have forgotten who they are and why they are here. It’s like they are playing out their own ancient stories by being trapped in their own video games.

It’s an endless loop of playing mind-numbing video games and the games feature heroes and villains playing out unconsciously their own galactic stories.

The endless Star Wars scenario.

There are advances in technology on the planet never seen before, in computers, science, medicine, and many other areas. Nanotechnology boggles the mind in its potentials for the human species.

But without consciousness, without the I Am, the crystalline consciousness present, there is a potential for these technologies to take humanity into a dark direction.

So we are here to infuse our consciousness into those technologies. Simply by being here and radiating our joy. It’s really that simple.


So here we are, as the advance guard, having such an impact on the planet, as we have throughout history. Many of us have worked alongside Yeshua, and Tesla, and many others to assist the planet. We helped bring in the internet.

We worked with Edgar Cayce. And with Carl Jung.

We are at the end of a cycle of lifetimes, and for many of us, this will probably be our last lifetime.

So we want this one to really count. It’s probably why we have endured as much as we have. We didn’t want to give up before we see who we really are and what we mean not only to this planet, but to ourselves.

© Copyright 2018 Maria Chambers, all rights reserved. P!ease feel free to share this content within others but maintain the article’s integrity by copying it unaltered and by including the author and source website link: Maria Chambers, http://www.soulsoothinsounds.wordpress.com

Elijah List: Your Atmosphere is Going to Change this Week!

"Key Prophetic Word: Your Atmosphere is Going to Change This Week!"

Chuck D. Pierce, Corinth, TX

Key Prophetic Word of the Lord given February 18, 2018:

Victory is on the Horizon!

"I AM awakening a new day in you! The horizon line for your life is shifting. You will now see in a way you've not seen before. You will move in a way you've not moved before. You will begin to break into a place you've not broken into before. A new day is shifting for you!

"There's a victory on this horizon that you've not seen. You've been looking for victory, but have not seen your victory clearly. Victory is on this horizon! Look further, look beyond, and you'll see your victory. For in the midst of confused noise, I always have victory.

"Don't listen to the confusion that's being authored around you. Listen, for victory is at hand. Listen, for the Victor has risen in this new day. This is your time to see beyond!

Open Up the Gate!

"You've been in a race and you've needed to take a pit stop. But now when you re-enter you'll be accelerating at a pace you've not accelerated at before. You thought you'd be going one way, but I have different road signs for you. You'll begin to interpret what will propel you farther down the path that I have for you. Don't kick against the pricks. Don't keep going in the way you thought you would go, for your way is changing.

"There are ways in you that you've not seen correctly, and there are gifts in you that have not been opened. Along this path, every road sign will show you a gift that you must open. Once you open that gift, you will begin to go further into the place of your destiny. Open up! Open up the gate!

I'm Unlocking the Heavens!

"You have not interpreted the darkness correctly. In the midst of the darkness is where you'll shine. In the midst of shining you'll begin to see ways you've never seen before. Interpret the darkness this season in a new way. I can write on walls and I can move mountains to communicate with you. Watch My hand this season. My hand is opening up a whole new way and vision for My people.

"I'm unlocking the heavens! I'm unlocking the heavens, and from that I'll unlock the earth. The root of blessing that has never been washed, will be washed. Get ready, for the rain is coming to wash off the root of blessing that has gotten decayed. Get ready...you'll sprout forth in new ways!

I'm Sending My Rain!

"I am sending My rain to wash away corruption, religion and poverty. This is your turnaround season. I am coming and causing My rain to pour out. There are regions in this nation that have been dry and desolate, and I am causing My rain to begin to fall. Wherever the rain comes, watch and see as I wash away old religious structures and begin to cause the structure of the Kingdom to arise in a new way.

"This is a time when I cause Kingdom structures to begin to arise in a new way where churches were shut down because of hardness of heart. My rain is beginning to fall, and seeds that were planted that could not arise will now break forth. The winter season is over, spring has come, and rains of refreshing are beginning to fall.

"You have been in a burn ban and in a drought, but I am changing that starting today. I am not sending a storm, but a soft breeze and a gentle rain. As this wind comes and this rain occurs, My question to you is this: 'Will you let go and receive the new watering I am bringing you?'

"This watering is not only for your soul, but also for your land. I am coming to you in a way that you have never seen and do not know. When I get there, you will look and say, 'Oh! It is Jehovah Shammah! He is here! He is here! He is here!'" (This word about rain also specifically addressed West Virginia.)

Word for This Week!

"My heart is beating differently for you this hour. It's not beating the same way it's been beating...it's got a different movement. The beat of My heart is going to move you differently. It's like a thunder that's coming that will move you and break you loose. You are the lightning and thunder in the midst of the quiet around you.

"This will be a week when I cause that lightning to go off. This will be a signal to lift the atmosphere around you and break through. Let the thunder begin! Let the lightning strike!

"Step into My timing, for My timing is your breakthrough. Step into My timing and you'll break through right, left and frontwards, and I will be your rearguard. There's grace in My pace. Don't try to slow down, don't try to go ahead. Stay in My pace. There's fire in your fingertips!

"I have anointed you to send forth My resurrection power to release My fire and consume the rubble. Get ready, as you shoot fire from your fingertips this week, rubble will be consumed and souls will be set free.

"This week I'm blowing all depression, all anxiety and all distractions out of you. Let the lightning strike and blow through an area you've not broken into.Your atmosphere is going to change this week.

"The glory realm that's been locked up in you is going to break open in a new way. I am popping the cap on what the enemy has tried to close off in your life. It's a new day, it's a new way, and you're breaking through!"

Source: Elijah List

Doug Addison's Daily Prophetic Word for February 21, 2018

Here’s the Daily Prophetic Word for February 21, 2018!

Don’t let disappointments break your heart because God has great things coming. #dailyprophetic

If someone forwarded this to you or you would like to get more information about the Daily Prophetic Words, visit http://dougaddison.com/daily-prophetic-word/


Doug Addison

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 2-20-18


TRANSCRIBED BY PINKROSES (Thank you PinkRoses. ~ Dinar Chronicles)

Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. This might be the most important call we have ever done on the Big Call. This might be our last call and we are going to say it is going to be our last call for at least a month because we have a lot to be put together on our own finances, family offices, structures, etc., and I expect everybody is going to go thru the same thing and not just Pastor Steven, Bob Sue, and myself. I want you to take your time. Do this thing methodically to take good care in what you set up. You are entitled to a little vacation time. I think we all are entitled to that. I think that will be part of our plans going forward.

Bruce: I want you to know tonight there is information we get and we get certain amount of information, and sometimes I will get a call and I think something is happening or ready to happen. Then it doesn’t happen because of this or because of a factor we didn’t know about or not sure about. We heard a rumor and then we find out and we see what it was and see what needs to be done before this goes. What it amounts to is there is information that comes in that is valid for a period of time and sometimes things change and it is not longer valid, and sometimes new information comes in and replaced it. You guys probably know that or sense that already. Even things we have said on past calls have changed. This whole thing is sort of a metamorphosis. It is sort of something that is changing moment to moment, hour to hour.

Bruce: We are sort of in that hour to hour phrase right now where something could change in hour or two that would either delay or move it forward. It has worked both ways. We have had situations where something was supposed to take for example we had situations where banks were supposed to reset for a period of time and we knew we had a time where the banks would start see the rate change and we would see that occur. Then all of a sudden we thought it would take such and such time and it wound up happening 6 hours later or 12 hours sooner. That just happened last week. So it works both ways. It can work sooner or it can be pushed back later.

The idea is the information changes idea both directions. Some things moves quicker than we thought than some things take longer than we thought.

Bruce: I know what you guys are thinking. I know if you are reading blogs or listening to calls. I know you are exposed to a lot of things out there. Some of the things you are hearing are things I am not saying and there is a reason for that. Everybody just understand that when I bring you something it has been embedded, something that has been authenticated as much as possible. It has been discerned and it has been tested in most cases. Now that is why I don’t bring you up-to- date rates or try to project a date.

Bruce: We thought we would go today. We thought we would go at lunch time. It didn’t happen. Now I have to take that Intel and say sorry it wasn’t valid, that particular piece wasn’t valid. Just to let you know it happens and it happens to me. What I am saying beware if you are not already, things change and this is a very moveable situation. It is flexible. It is in flux, and you know that if you been in this for a length of time you know it. That is why the idea of calling it on a certain date is suicide. Not a good idea. Talking about rates, I know what the rates are, and I know what I expect them to be, but the minute I put them out and do that, I will be wrong and then someone will be disappointed. Maybe they will be better than I think they are, and that will be a good think.

Bruce: I think it is important to see that this redemption and we call it redemption is close and I know I have said it is close before, but I do mean that. I have heard (3) separate bankers say that we that shouldn’t get out of this week without being completely wealthy. Now am I calling it? No. I am just telling you what I have heard. We will see if it is true. I have faith that it will. There have been other things that have given us timing and dates. All of that is good. I even heard a date today and it sounded good, and the source was solid. I am not concerned as much about the when but I am concerned about everyone being able to hang on to the end of the ride. I think most of you that have hanged on so far I feel will hang on to the end of the ride. I really do think you will.

Bruce: When it comes to the Redemption Center process, why do I use the term Redemption Center so much? Why do I use the term Exchange Locations? Is there a difference of a Redemption Center and an Exchange Location? Why don’t I say banks? Why don’t I talk about the banks as much as I do the Redemption Centers? Because there will be a difference. I want everybody to get this and I want you to pay attention and listen.

When it comes to the Redemption Centers that is where we are going to go with the toll free numbers that I get. Why are we getting toll free numbers and why are we getting (3), one for Canada and two for the United States, and why is the dividing line the mighty Mississippi River? Everything east of the Mississippi River will be on one phone number. Everything west of the Mississippi River will be on the other number. Everybody in Canada should know they are in Canada and will have a separate number. So our neighbors in the north are covered.

Bruce: Here is the deal. When it comes to the Redemption Centers you will have the ability to call and set an appointment. If you are a Zim holder, you will be able to call the main number, one of the two numbers. If you don’t know what side of the Mississippi River you live on, whether it is east or west, okay I am kidding. You all know that.

Bruce: Here is the thing. You know what number to call based on that information and you will make that call. What it amounts to you will be directed if you have Zim in which you will say Yes I have Zim bonds to redeem. There is a difference because the Zim is a bond and it is considered a currency but it is really a bond, it is on bond paper, and with bond ink. It is a bearer bond. It has a very high value. When you tell them Yes I got some Zim, they will kind of put you on the front of the line and they will tell you they are going to connect you to the Zim Redemption Center, you will be connected to it, one that is closest to your zip code so that you will have one Redemption Center specifically designed to take in the Zim. They will be able to do your other currencies as well, but they are really focused getting in the Zim because of its high value. That is number one their mind to be able to redeem the Zim for you.

Bruce: What I am telling you is for your situation is when you get transferred from the main number you call in the Call Center to the actual Zim Redemption Center based on your zip code, you will be connected to a person who will help you do your Redemption to that very person. They won’t be the only person you will talk or work with, but they maybe one of your contacts or one you will be seeing in person. You will be talking to that person directly who they direct you to.

Bruce: Does it sound like I am sending you to any old bank? Are you hearing what I am saying everybody? I am not saying the banks will not be doing exchanges. That is not what I am saying. We got (4000) Redemption Centers in the United States. We got over (7000) plus Tier 1 banks doing exchanges. Yes, they are entitled to do Zim. However, I want you to see there is going to be a distinction between using your toll free number. I don’t care of whether it comes to me or anyone else as long as you use the one that sends you to the Call Center that ends up when you tell them you are a Zim holder that take you to a Zim Redemption Center. That is all that matters because those are the ones who will have different rates on their screens then the other banks. Can I say that anymore clearly? You need to be clear with that if you want to get a decent or higher rate.

Bruce: We are in Tier 4, what we call the Internet Group. There is a concept I had a long time ago, years ago which was Tier 5. Tier 5 is what we call the John Q Public or uninformed people they do not listen to the calls, or read the blogs. Maybe they were gifted years ago and stuck it in a drawer and do not understand what is going on with what we follow online or on calls.
I know it is confusing for you guys because I am going to tell you, that I want you to listen for whenever that toll free number comes out and I put it on our website and Bob sends it out from our new website which is: bigcalluniverse.com. We may send it to out to couple of other places online so you have the number to call to set your appointment.

Bruce: Notice if you disregard that and you don’t do any of that and you just willy-nilly walk into any old bank, you will not get the same deal. Some of those low rates you heard on Zim and some of the other currencies in the past, and some of the low rates you are hearing on Zim, yes tier 5, the uninformed public, could get some low rates. Could get some low rates on the screens. I am telling you I don’t expect that at all at the Redemption Centers. You have the ability to privately negotiate some of these currencies, and I told you which ones, based on your dog-and-pony show as Sue talked about, your ability to explain to these people at the Redemption Centers what you plan to do in terms with humanitarian projects.

Bruce: You know there are (3) main words you want to utilize that should be part of your humanitarian projects:

1) Longevity. Not a flash in the pan. Not something for two years. This is something you plan to start and maybe keep up with or at least initiate it, it is your baby. You want it to go 10, 50, maybe 100 years, a long time. You are putting this thing in motion to make a difference in people’s lives and not do something that will not last. You are doing something with longevity.

2) Infrastructure. You are trying to do something like what I gave you in Rebuild America, a gift from Bruce. You can Rebuild America in every town, city, and community because I want you to do what I am going to do and others on this call is going to do and we will tell you how we are going about it. We will have a template, a basic idea, so you know how to do it. A lot of that will be infrastructure as in rebuilding homes, streets, bridges, internet, fiber optics, meg rail, any number of projects that would go under the category of infrastructure. If you got infrastructure in your project, that is the word you want to talk about.

3) Job creation. That is our 3rd buzz word if you want to talk about it. Don’t blue sky it. Just tell them how many people you plan on employing thru your project in your 1st year, in 2nd year, in20th year, etc. Break it down and make sense what you plan to do. With Rebuild America we will be employing a lot of people, veterans, carpenters, brick layers, concrete workers, crane operators, city planners, graphic designers, etc. all coincide to do with rebuilding a town, city, community.

Bruce: All that is important. Longevity, Infrastructure, and Job creation, A 4th idea is we have a certain amount in this country of about a million acres of toxic areas, brown fields, toxic areas from leakage from gas tanks, from oil, different things that have polluted that land and you can’t grow crops on. We have a guy that has a solution for that. It will return the soil back for usage for farming in about 2 months. That is something we will make available, and we will make known about. It is calledSoil Remediation. If you have anything to do with farming, growing plants and food, soil remediation maybe something you will want to work in with your projects. Whether it is 2 acres or 200 acres, we need to clean up the land so it can be reproductive again. Soil Remediation. I want everyone to beware of that as well.

Bruce: I am going to tell you I know everybody is concerned about Zim. What I want you to do is realize we talk to people that are involved even now in Zim platforms and Zim exchanges that have been doing this for months and months even well over a year. We know the results and we know what they get and we know there are no zeros coming off. We know there won’t be zeros coming off for you. I can’t tell you what the banks for Tier 5 will do, but for us at the Redemption Centers no zeros coming off, no zeros in front of the rate, no limit, no cap on the amount of currency no matter what currency it is whether it is dinar, dong, etc. No cap on the amount of currency you can exchange. Does everyone hear that? There is no cap on the amount of currency you can exchange.

Bruce: Let’s talk about limits. Is there a limit to the amount of money you can get at the time of your exchange or at the time of your redemption if you are a Zim holder? Yes, there is a limit. Can you walk out with a bag of US Dollars? NO. You can have up to $10,000. Yes, it is in $100 bills and they are bundled in (25) each which is $2500. You can get up to (4) bundles of $2500 if you choose. You do not have to. It is an option.

Bruce: This is the point I am trying to make: Let’s say you have exchanged and it is going to be a substantial exchange, substantial amount of Zim, you go in there you are going to have access to what you are going to ask for or let them know what you need. You got a personal amount that you want to have available to you the first 31 days. Remember on the structure payout your interest will not payout for 90 days. You will bank that interest approximately 90 days after the start of your plan. Approximately every 3 months you will be getting an interest payout coming to you. In the meantime between now and the first 31 days, and the first 90 days how much money you need for yourself for your personal use? Whatever that amount is whether it is $5 million, $10 million, $50 million, etc. let them know the amount you want access to.

Bruce: What about your projects? Wonder if you are really ready to go with your projects and you are chopping at the bit and you just need some money to get this thing started. Let them know the amount of money you will need for your projects that is separate of your personal. I do like the idea of having a Holding account or Pastor Account for the money that you don’t want tied up in an investment, in a structure payout. It is a great concept.

Bruce: You will need a non-interest bearing situation where you can move money from that account, let’s call it a simple checking account, whatever it is it will be like a holding account or a Pastor account that you will use to take money and move it from that account to maybe a project or to another bank. If you have intention to use HSBC for your exchange bank because they are the ones over all the Redemption Centers, if you are using the Redemption Centers, meaning offsite Redemption Center, HSBC is the lead bank and they are the ones that are going to be ultimately getting and transferring the Zim. They are very interested in that.

Bruce: If you got Zim you are essentially redeeming it thru HSBC. You may have a TD bank, or a Wells Fargo Bank, or a Bank of America, or a Chase Bank near you that you want to use and want to diversify to. That is fine. Some of that money you are going to put in a holding account you would transfer to one or more of those accounts. Just decide in your mind how much that is going to be up front and let them know that at the time of your exchange. You can also do a number of Cashier Checks at the time of your exchange. Now my personal feeling is I am not going to monkey with Cashier Checks because it takes time and I do not want to do that there. If I need a Cashier Check, I will use my local bank to do that. I am not going to tie up the valuable time of the staff at the Redemption Center to do Cashier Checks. It is just not me.

Bruce: Will I do a bank wire or two? Yes, one or two from the Redemption Center. Of course, I will need my coordinates where I want the wire to go, to get to them. This is the person, this is the account number, the routing number, etc. and they can do that wire on that day and it may get to your account a day or maybe take another day to settle the funds. It may take the next day. Either way it won’t be a big deal.

Bruce: The other thing is say you have access to $100 million on the first day of your exchange. 24 to 48 hours later, you will be able to send funds since you will be wiring them from your Holding account to one of your other banks or into an account you have a LLC you have set up for in another bank. All doable. The amounts can be bigger after 24 to 48 hours. I don’t think you won’t be able to move billions and trillions of dollars right away. I don’t think you will be. What I am suggesting is know ahead of time what your needs are going to be initially the first 31 days. If you plan to move funds to other banks, let them know that. Have it all written down and it is good to have your own to-do list and list of things you want to bring up to know. I think all will do fine.

I can’t emphasis enough the fact if you are going to use the Redemption Centers for Zim as opposed to using any old bank, you will be in a much better position and a position to negotiate your rates. So there is no cap on the Zim. No cap on any currency. There is a limit on the amount of money you can have initially but depending on how much you need and how much you want access to in order to move funds to various banks. That is something that is true. You can deal with those limits. You will be able to put money on your temporary debit card when you get there. Then you will get a permanent card mailed to you probably in 48 hours. You will have platinum, whatever metal you want to call available to you. I think you will have time obviously to set up meetings with your CPA, with your attorneys, your trust attorney, etc. It will take a few days. You should plan for it to take some time after the exchange.

Bruce: You will get an initial skeleton trust at the time of your exchange, but you can superimpose, well plan out trust or structure whatever that is up to 90 days later. I wouldn’t wait. I would try to get with your CPAs, attorneys, create what is right for you and your family and come back in to the bank and set that up at the proper time as soon as you can. We know we will have the ability to work with family offices, private banking, and we will have people that can work with us one on one thru the banks. All of that is going to come. The more prepared you are going in, the better off you will be. I just want you to know that up front before you call.

Bruce: Do I still believe I still will get the toll free number one for Canada and two for the United States? Yes I do. Do I know when that will be? No. Not yet. I think we will have that and we will put that out and get it out to everybody who is registered at the new site: bigcalluniverse.com. We have 9 to 10 thousand so far on the: bigcalluniverse.com website. That is the only site to go to if you want to be part of our future with projects and pod casts. Go to that website and register your email by filling out the form put your name and email and hit the submit button. You will get an auto respond in about ten minute. If you not receive it, check your trash or spam. It does send it to everybody. You will fill out the form on the front, put your name and email, and send it in.

Bruce: Friday there was a huge influx of capital into the banking system. We had 800% increase in capital to Citibank for example. The lowest Tier 1 banks were 365% increase. So they are prepared and gearing up for these exchanges with capital because they a need certain amount of capital to be not only Basil 3 complaint but also Basil 4 compliant. There was an issue this past week with Bank of America and some Tier 2 banks and they had to iron out some business that was going on between the Tier 2 banks and Bank of America. That took two to three days to iron out. They got that squared away. We are at the point there are a few little things to be handled that I heard about, but he Intel we heard earlier said we shouldn’t get out of this week to be rich I believe is still true. We will find out more obviously when I get the number. I keep going on and on. I think you get the gist where I am on the Redemption Centers.

Bruce: Sue talked about the concept of questions to bring up to the people. You know we will work with veterans with Veterans Retreat Network and Rebuild America helping one city, town, community, one at a time. I will do some areas of the country, but I think you guys can do other areas of the country and we can do together. I think it will be fun.

Bruce: After all the fun times, beach times, I think doing something meaningful for other people will be a lot of fun. I think the humanitarian projects will be fun. It doesn’t mean we can’t have nice things like a new ride, house, etc, because we will. Let’s put this wealth to good use not only in the United States, but also around the world. I plan to get started here, and go around the world.

Bruce: We will not be limited but take an optimistic approach and bless people with meaningful projects, with meaningful opportunities responsibly, doing it responsible as we can all over the world. I think this why we been called and chosen to do this. Let’s do that together. It will be fun. I will put information out as well as Sue, Bob, and Pastor Steven. I will be information out when the new site is ready to go and you will see all of that. You will be able to feed information to us also. It will be great.

Bruce: I can go Intel all night, but really there is not a lot we need to know except be ready.
Go through the things you know. Try to get all you need. Have an ID, utility bill, and make sure your currency is counted accurately. The rates will be great, I can tell you that because I know what they are. It is irresponsible for me to put them out because they are subject to change. Everyone knows what they will be doing. Stay in faith. Think in terms of your zip code for the Redemption Center. You will get directed to it based on your initial call to the toll free number.

The rest will be set your appointment, don’t be late, don’t be more than ten minutes early. Just be on time. You won’t be more than an hour to an hour and 15 minutes at your Redemption appointment. It will go very quickly. Just pay attention as it happens.

Bruce: I want to thank everybody for coming in and listening. I think we made the points we wanted to make on the call tonight. We are looking for a break thru with this. Let’s stay in faith for that and see what happens for the balance of this week. Thank you Pastor Steven, Sue, Bob, Big Call listeners, and let’s stay in faith for this to come to us this week. Good night everybody.



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